Is the love letter dead? These days there just doesn’t seem to be an appreciation for the love letter like there used to. They’re ineffective, maybe even considered crazy or desperate. They still exist in television and movies, but reality is much harsher. Yes, it seems like we live in an era that wooing a girl with a love letter is no more.

Unfortunately for me, I’m a love letter guy. If you like to write, or if you’re better at expressing your emotions with written words, you can identify with this. Sometimes it just feels right to write one. Sometimes a love letter seems like the best option to express how you feel about someone.

In my distant past I’ve sent a few love letters, but these days I write them and save them in a secret spot never to be sent. I write them just for me. I write them as a way to get my emotions out. Sure, I do contemplate sending them, but in the end, cooler heads prevail and they get sent to that secret spot, never to be found.

I liked the idea of this post, but didn’t want to drag one of these letters out for the world to see. I tried to write it without an actual letter, but it ended up lingering in my drafts folder for over a year. It just didn’t seem like a good post without it. As I said, these letters are for me, and the embarrassment of someone actually reading one is huge. When you’re in the moment of feeling these feelings, every pore of your body oozes cheese. I know this, and this is what made it so hard to property write this post.

In the end, I decided to include a letter. This one was written for a girl who popped in and out of my life multiple times. Each time she came into my life, we got a little closer. But then, she would disappear again. I wrote this one during one of her disappearances.

So, with no further hesitation, for your joy and my embarrassment, here is the letter:


Alone I wondered down this path. Dark and twisted, the sky a distant memory. The stars a thing of the past. I lifted my head up looking for hope, hoping for a faint glimmer of anything. There was nothing. I turned left, then right, and with each turn, I looked for something new. Anything. A spark of light, even a hint of one.

Then I saw her…like a glittering ghost in the wind.

For the briefest moment I felt it. I felt there was more and I ran to her. But just as I approached, she flickered out. I stood alone on this path once more, but now knowing there was something else, someone else. I looked for her, peeking around every corner. I looked left, then right.

Then I saw a star…right there in the sky like an impossible dream.

I closed my eyes and rubbed them. When I opened them back up, the star remained. I smiled and walked a little faster, turning another corner and again, right in front me, she stood. Real, alive, not a ghost at all. She walked beside me, told me stories. Together we laughed as the stars reintroduced themselves one by one until the entire sky was filled with light.

Then one path became two…and before I could stop it, we parted.

But this time I walked on a little lighter. The stars remained. My mind filled with hope, knowing that two paths will once again become one. And they did…only this time I will hold her hand. With our fingers intertwined, I will not let go. I’ll take her to the edge of the path and hold her in my arms with our feet dangling over the cliff. Together we will gaze out upon all of the beauty this path now has to offer us.



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