She was gorgeous. She was cool as hell. Tall and slender, but with all the right curves. Her blue eyes sparkled and her blonde hair bounced free. This was the kind of girl who would live on in my spank bank forever. Typically, a girl like this would only live in my spank bank. For some reason though, she wanted me. She wanted me bad, and made it obvious.

We met at a small gathering one night and she focused all her attention on me the whole night. Normally, I’m not the picking up on signals type, especially in my younger days when this took place. But with her, I was well aware of what she wanted before I even went to the party. The conversation was smooth and easy. We matched up in musical and movie taste very well. There were so many times during the night where I took in the moment. I couldn’t believe how cool she was, and that she was after me. I felt proud and excited.

When I leaned in for a kiss, there was no delay in progressing to a full-on make out session. I felt her give her roommate signals behind my back, and within minutes, everyone from the party had cleared out. As the door shut behind them, her shirt came off, exposing her perfect small and perky breasts. Her tight, flat stomach and perfect hip to waist ratio was a sight to behold.

She stood up, took my hand, and led me to her bedroom. She undid my pants, pulled down my boxers, and lightly pushed me down on the bed. Her pants came off, but she left her panties on as she climbed on top of me. We made out passionately as my hands roamed from her breasts to her unbelievable ass.

I rolled her over to her back, kissed her neck and slowly worked my way down to her nipples. I looked up into her eyes taking in the moment, then continued to work my way down. I slowly began pulling down her panties with baited excitement. I was then greeted with a BIG surprise. It was the most gigantic bush I had ever seen. In shape, size, and in length of hair, it was simply huge. I was in shock, and completely taken aback.

Still we continued because no big bush will hold this guy back. At this point, you may be asking yourself where the mishap is here? That came later.

This free spirit was not to be nailed down, and after a second wonderful night, I would never see her again. She would now become the newest member of my spank bank club. In my mind, she would be a regular, playing a frequent reoccurring role. Then one morning, while in the shower, the time came. The fantasy was going well until I began visualizing her bush. It soon became all I could imagine and focus on. The fantasy was fizzling quickly, and I was forced to switch off to another member of the spank bank.

Still, I was determined. I tried again another day, but failed again. Then again, and again. Every time I tried to jerk off, all I could see was that goddamned huge bush. It shouldn’t have been such a big deal, but I can’t control my mind and my mind could only see her big deal. I even created a fantasy where I would shave her clean, we would be hooking up and I would work my way down to her pussy. By the time I got there…BOOM…the bush monster was back. To make matters worse, I’m pretty sure my mind has doubled the size of her deal over time.

I do apologize to any woman who’s a proponent of a big bush. I want to say that when I’m in a relationship, I do whatever I can to be attractive to my woman, including keeping my “area” however she prefers. When I’m single, I keep it to the specs of whatever the current trend are. I made the switch to boxer briefs, even though I loved the freedom of boxers (read about that HERE), because that’s what women want. I will do whatever is in my control to ensure I’m attractive to others. What I’m trying to say is I do my part, so I hope that at least gives me the right to tell this story.


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