This is the story about what happened to me about a year after The Worst Blow-Off Ever (read that HERE).

What happens when you’ve been blown off in the worst way possible and she comes back? Ignore her! What she did was unforgivable! Or not…

I was on a quest to find someone special I had a real connection with (read more about that quest HERE). So even though this girl hurt me pretty bad, and in an unforgivable way, I was willing to look past it all because we had such a good connection.

Honestly though, a lot of us men (probably women too) just like to talk a big game about never giving people another chance. When you’re faced with reality, decisions are often different. It’s the whole “I wouldn’t do that for any amount of money” situation. Easy to say, not so much when actually faced with it. So in this situation, I can talk all the tough talk I want, but when she stood in front of me, offering an opportunity, I of course took it.

It was a normal day for me until I ran into TV Girl. There she was, looking even more beautiful than I remembered. She reminded me of a Disney Princess with her fair skin and big brown eyes. Her look was so innocent, it was easy to forget such evil was hidden beneath it all. We had a nice, friendly chat, but the electricity in my pants was definitely still there. Towards the end, she apologized for what happened. She said she was going through a rough time back then.

Later that night, I got a text from her saying that she missed “whatever it was that we had.” I said “me too.” We proceeded to chat back and forth like the worst blow-off never happened. In the end she said we should meet for drinks the next day and I agreed. I didn’t forget what happened, and I tried to hold back any form of excitement, but in this task, I failed.

The next day, I found myself really looking forward to this. Hell, it had been a year and people can change a lot in that amount of time. She was definitely older and wiser now! Also, after what she did in the past, no way would she do anything like that again. It’s not like I approached her or asked her out. This was all her idea.

I was very, very wrong about that.

There were no excuses, no apologies, nothing. I simply never heard from her. One year after this, if I were still single, would I do differently? Yes! I would never give her another chance. Never!

Now imagine the scene flashing forward one year and me agreeing to give her another chance.




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