Throughout my life I’ve had more than my fair share of crazy mishaps and failures in dating. At first, I wanted to compile these stories in a book. About ten stories deep I realized I wasn’t having any fun with it. I was trying to start from the beginning and tell these stories sequentially, which was depleting my interest. I was also just starting the sequel to my first book (now on Amazon…check it out HERE), as well as a couple more.

I of course have a normal job, so Misadventures In Dating took a back seat. Still, the stories from that book circled in my head. New stories were happening all the time, and older stories needed to be told.

So the answer was to turn this book into a blog. I like the blog format because I don’t pull my hair out at every last detail of my sentence structure. It’s more free for me. I write a story, I walk away, I come back to edit it, I post it. My first book had five full drafts before I released it. I needed each and every one and if I had my way, I’d still be writing new drafts.

I’m focusing on all my failures (my mishaps) in this. My misadventures are more interesting to me than my successes. They’re also more amusing.



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